Streamer Nihlus5 Beats Super Smash Bros. Melee’s Adventure Mode…While Blindfolded

Streamer Nihlus5 Beats Super Smash Bros. Melee’s Adventure Mode…While Blindfolded

Seriously. It's crazy.

During a Twitch stream last week, streamer Nihlus5 completed the Super Smash Bros. Melee adventure mode playing as Ness. This is not a particularly newsworthy feat, despite beating it using one of the lowest-ranked characters in the game, except for one thing: Nihlus5 was blindfolded for the entire run.

Nihlus5 has been working on completing this particular style of run for the past few weeks according to his Twitch feed. He was finally able to complete it on his first run of the day in just under 27 minutes with no deaths. All of his other runs are archived on his channel, so if you wanted you could potentially watch his entire journey right on Twitch.

It’s a very interesting stream to watch because Nihlus5 relies solely on audio cues to help him understand what’s going on around him. It’s the type of pattern recognition that many Smash players use, but instead of memorizing movements and character actions, it’s entirely based around the sounds of footsteps and deciphering which of Link’s “hyaaaaa”s will kill him and which will put him in the position to make an elimination.

Nihlus5 remains cool and collected for the entire run, even when being completely ignored by Zelda who seems to be more interested in throwing Poké balls than fighting. In the video, he shows off his ability to improvise when RNJesus deals him a poor hand and his knowledge of the game’s stages. At one point, he has to rely on the soundtrack of a scrolling stage to know when to jump, however, in his run, the stage used its alternate theme, so he sings the track himself and guides his character through the stage regardless.

It’s truly a great run and, as Nihlus5 points out while the credits roll, he’s the second person to ever complete it blindfolded and the first to do so while playing as Ness. You can find his Twitter, YouTube, and Twitch links right here. For more Super Smash Bros. content, check out the rest of our articles right here.