Streamer Proposes Marriage at EVO Fighting Game Tournament

He even used an arcade stick to do it.

By Joseph Schaffner

August 4, 2019

For one couple, fighting games must mean something more than brutally pummeling your opponent into oblivion. In fact, to this couple, they seem to be some kind of a basis for marriage.

At EVO 2019, the biggest fighting game tournament of the year, Twitch streamer VFist made his proposal to Shino Oni–and he even used an arcade-style fight stick to pop the question.

As waves of EVO attendees and competitors passed by, VFist kneeled and held out his arcade stick. Its casing had been propped open, making it look like a large jewelry box. He was presenting it to Oni. Pasted on the interior of the casing, a note–“Will you be my Main?” “Main” usually just refers to your favorite character in a fighting game. Here, though, it was code for something else. Something like “life-long partner bonded through marriage.” Beneath the big question, some small print offered additional incentive–“Choosing ‘Yes’ unlocks bonus Wedding Dress costume.”

Oni chose yes, and will soon receive her dress DLC.

VFist mentions that he was aided in his effort by Aris Bakhtanians (@AvoidThePuddle). Bakhtanians is a well-known fighting game commentator and streamer, and it seems he took the photos you see here. Furthermore, VFist has credited Bakhtanians as a “cornerstone” of his relationship with Oni: “No matter what happens during the day, sitting down together w/ his streams every evening always brings us warmth, smiles, big laughs, & has brought us closer together over the years… He’s the real MVP.” 

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While this is a dramatic and heartwarming example of the goodwill that fighting games can foster, it was not the only touching moment of EVO 2019. The Dragon Ball FighterZ grand finals, for instance, was a rematch of last year’s: Dominique “SonicFox” McLean took on Goichi “GO1” Kishida, again. At the end of the match, GO1, who had won by the skin of his teeth, broke down in tears of joy. For a moment, he looked like he would not be able to gather himself to confront the cheering crowd. In an incredible display of sportsmanship, however, SonicFox raised GO1’s hand up, and rival helped rival embrace a new EVO championship. It was a beautiful end to an amazing tournament.

Sometimes video games get a bad rap. Bad news travels fast, and many people only ever hear about atrocities and controversies that are somehow associated with the medium. However, we ought to let VFist and Shino Oni, as well as the competitive camaraderie of GO1 and SonicFox, remind us that this hobby of ours is capable of wonderful things. It helps us enjoy our lives, and it can help us cultivate meaningful friendships, meaningful rivalries, and sometimes even love.

By the way, Janemba is coming to Dragon Ball FighterZ this week. You never know–maybe through him you’ll find yourself a new main.

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