Streamer Shroud Makes Streaming Platform Mixer His New Home

First Ninja, now the streamer Shroud is "making moves" by exclusively streaming on Microsoft's platform Mixer, starting later today.

When Tyler “Ninja” Blevins announced he would be streaming exclusively on Mixer, there were a lot of questions. One of which was how Ninja’s move would influence other influencers to join him on Microsoft’s streaming platform. It may not be a direct influence, but Mixer has another top talent with the streamer Shroud.

Announced via Twitter, Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek revealed he will now be streaming on Mixer with a goofy video. The tweet itself says, “Same shroud. New home,” indicating he will probably do exactly what he did on Twitch but now on Mixer. As of this writing, his channel on Microsoft’s streaming service is now up, which currently has a timer set for a little over six hours. What game he will stream first on Mixer is still unknown, but I hear he’s pretty good at first-person shooters.

Earlier this month, Ninja’s manager and wife Jessica Blevins told Bussiness Insider that his decision to move from Twitch to Mixer had nothing to do with money; rather, it had to do with how restrictive Twitch’s contract was which didn’t allow the streamer to really grow. It is unknown why the streamer Shroud has decided to abandon Twitch or what his contract looked like with Mixer, but he will surely bring in a big crowd to Microsoft’s streaming platform.

This is pretty big. Now with two of the biggest streamers exclusively part of Mixer, surely more people will switch over to the growing streaming service. The question now is who’s next?

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