Twitch Streamer Suspended for Accidentally Shooting Bottle of G-Fuel

The bullet destroyed a bottle and a "thousand-dollar monitor".

In what looks like a drunken attempt to come across as cool, and to radiate a “look at me, I own a gun” attitude, a Twitch streamer has found himself banned from Twitch and booted from his content creation and esports team.

Carl Riemer, a streamer who often streams Call of Duty for his channel and was —until very recently— a member of SoaR Gaming has found himself in trouble after firing a live weapon on stream, killing a G-Fuel bottle in the process.

Whilst drunk, Reimer was engaging in conversation with the live chat, jokingly threatening someone as he reaches for a pistol casually sitting on his desk. “B**** say I ain’t got money,” he says as he pulls back the slide. “Say I ain’t got money!” he repeats, racking the slide a second time. However, whilst doing that, we see one round eject from the pistol, not only that, but his finger is over the trigger the entire time.

What follows is him accidentally firing a live round at an unsuspecting bottle of G-Fuel. “I swear to God I just emptied the mag!” he says after a moment of silence.

Riemer took to YouTube to issue an apology video, saying, “So, last night I possibly ruined the rest of my life.” and proceeds to show the clip for context. “I was clearly intoxicated,” he says, he explains that guns are not toys, and that the bullet went through the cup and apparently damaged his monitor worth a thousand dollars. He has no idea if he’s going to be able to return to Twitch, and said that SoaR “has released me from the team, as they should.”

The official SoaR Gaming account tweeted out their statement regarding the incident, stating that they’ve removed Riemer from the roster. The tweet has a mixture of users supporting the decision, but also people calling to let him come back and condoning his actions because he was drunk.

What’s more, that bottle of G-Fuel? All of the American content creators at SoaR Gaming are sponsored by G-Fuel, so Reimer essentially just killed his sponsor. Nice one.

It’s unclear if Twitch is going to allow him back on their platform, and whether SoaR Gaming is going to bring him back to the team. For now, Reimer says that he’s probably going to end up streaming on YouTube “or something,” for the foreseeable future.

If you have access to a gun, don’t be an idiot with a gun.

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