Streamers Urge Twitch to Include Disability Pride Month for Creators

January 20, 2022

In an effort to boost disabled streamers and creators, one streamer has urged Twitch to include a Disability Pride Month feature.

Home to creators from all communities, Twitch is one of, if not the biggest streaming platforms out there. From games to crafts to music production, viewers can find and interact with streamers making all kinds of unique content.

In the past, Twitch has run front page banners for featured campaigns to highlight less represented communities within streaming. To date, they’ve featured Pride Month, Black History Month, and Hispanic Heritage Month, among many other culturally-focused campaigns. However, one streamer has noticed that they have yet to include a campaign for disabled creators.


In a post on Twitch’s feedback forum UserVoice, Streamer QueerlyBee (they/them) called for Twitch to add Disability Pride Month front page features. Since Twitch is made by and for its creators, they feel that failing to celebrate disabled streamers has been a major “missed opportunity.”

Representation for disabled creators is few and far between, as is visible, meaningful support from major platforms. QueerlyBee’s campaign is intended to remedy this, urging Twitch to be more inclusive of its growing base of disabled creators.

They state in the post, “Being a content creator as a disabled person adds a whole host of additional challenges, such as navigating algorithms that favor consistency with inconsistent bodies. Finding games and programs that are accessible for us for streaming, etc.

Following that, they go on to summarize in a tweet that “content creation is so unfriendly to disabled folks.” Growing as a small creator is already notoriously difficult, but the challenges clearly affect different communities in varied ways. With a seemingly opaque algorithm and demanding requirements for growth, these obstacles have disproportionally affected disabled creators.

Through a public campaign, QueerlyBee hopes that the increased visibility would uplift disabled creators on the platform. It would be an immensely positive move for Twitch, leading to greater representation and reach for disabled creators.

So far, other creators have voiced strong support for the campaign on both UserVoice and Twitter. Overall, QueerlyBee’s original post got over 500 votes over the course of a day, and currently has 720 votes as of writing. Additionally, streamers and creators have begun tweeting the #disabledstreamer tag to get it to trend alongside QueerlyBee’s campaign. All in all, the comments are largely positive, voicing full support for a more inclusive Twitch.

You can check out QueerlyBee and their streams here.

Natalie Schmidt

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