Streaming Service Jump Announced; Will Be a Paid Service that Focuses Specifically on Indie Games

Jump is entering the game streaming arena and promises to deliver a lag free gaming experience.

on July 13, 2017 12:45 AM

A new player has joined the arena in the world of streaming services for games. Jump, a new company formed of industry veterans, is aiming to create and introduce something unique to the game streaming service scene. OnLive and Gaikai have both attempted to enter this market but never really gained much traction due to issues such as lag commonly caused by video streaming. The company states that its HyperJump technology should be free of those problems and aims to be the Netflix of game streaming.

Jump will be specifically focusing on indie games by allowing subscribers to play from a library of games, set to expand as time goes on. At launch, the company promises the library will have at least 60 games available, with plans to add between six and ten new games every month. The service will cost subscribers $9.99 a month which will include full access to all of the games in the library and will not include micro transactions or any other in game purchases.

Subscribers do not need to download the games, rather they will be streaming the games directly from Jump through a downloadable app on PC and MAC. In the future there will also be an option to stream the games directly through your browser, which is pretty neat if you are at work and want to get your indie fix.

There will be a free trial period that will allow players to see if its something they want to pay for or not. As of this writing, a beta is currently available and players interested in the service can sign up on the official website.

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