Street Fighter V: Champion Edition Will Feature a Redesigned Version of Seth

When Street Fighter V: Champion Edition release for PC and PS4 on September 14, Seth from Street Fighter IV will be added as well.

If you thought Gill from Street Fighter III would be the only new character Street Fighter V: Champion Edtion would have to offer, you’d be wrong. Last night, during the Capcom Cup Finals, Seth from Street Fighter IV was revealed as what seems to be the final new character. While the villain does have a nostalgia costume that looks just like his Street Fighter IV appearance, his new design is drastically different and more feminine.

Capcom provided the following backstory to explain why Seth looks different and has a moveset that mimics other fighters: ” After Seth’s demise in that past appearance, part of the intelligence survived and the remnants of the biological brain have been paired with a new physical form in Champion Edition. Always seeking new data from the fiercest fighters in the world, Seth has the ability to steal moves and use them against an opponent. That means players who go up against Seth should plan accordingly and expect to get a taste of their own medicine.”

Seth’s inclusion is also notable because it means every mainline Street Fighter villain is playable in Street Fighter V: Champion Edition. He certainly looks quite fun to play, as you can see with his announcement trailer below:

Even though Seth won’t be playable until Champion Edition launches on February 14, Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition still received a significant precursor update today. Setting the stage for Street Fighter V: Champion Edition, today’s update added Gill, new V-Triggers, and various balance adjustments. You can see the full list of patch notes on Capcom’s official blog. 

While the base version and Arcade Edition of Street Fighter V are already available for PC and PS4, Street Fighter V: Champion Edition, which packs in almost everything released for the game, will come out on February 20. You can pre-order this version of the game on Amazon and check out screenshots featuring Seth below:

Tomas Franzese

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