New Street Fighter V Character Announced: Abigail from Final Fight

New Street Fighter V Character Announced: Abigail from Final Fight

Abigail from Final Fight joins the fight in Capcom's Street Fighter V as a new playable character.

Today, during the EVO 2017 livestream, Street Fighter V producer Yoshinori Ono announced a new playable character for the game.

The new member of the cast is Abigail, and he will be added as a DLC character on July 25th.

Abigail originates from the classic 1989 beat ’em up Final Fight, in which he plays the role of the final boss of the second-to-last stage. He is a top lieutenant of the Mad Gear Gang and quite the brute, as you can see from his quite intimidating size.

He will be part of the Season 2 Character Pass, alongside Akuma, Kolin, Ed and two more characters.

Alongside the new character, a new stage will also come on the same date, named Metro City Bay Area. This is actually inspired by the stage in which Abigail originally appeared in Final Fight. That’s definitely fitting.

You can check out the trailer below. If you want to see more, you can check out some more costumes and stages that will come on July 25th, the latest batch released at the end of last month, the trailer that revealed the most recently-released character Ed, and quite a bit of gameplay showing off his moves.

Streey Fighter V  is currently available for PS4 and PC.