Street Fighter III 3rd Strike Coop Cup Starts Soon At 10 PM ET – How to Watch

Street Fighter III 3rd Strike Coop Cup Starts Soon At 10 PM ET – How to Watch

The exciting Street Fighter III 3rd Strike team tournament Coop Cup with cool top Japanese players is back today, January 10, 2021, on Twitch.

The Coop Cup 2021, pitting together various legendary players in Street Fighter III 3rd Strike, is starting right now, January 9, 10PM ET (Click here for a table with a time zone converter); This technically isn’t the real Coop Cup tournament, but an exhibition to give us some fun times and hope in this rough era.

You can watch it with the Coop Cup stream on Twitch on the Gamenewton channel.

The Street Fighter III 3rd Strike Coop Cup, or Cooperation Cup is back this January 2021. The last event was in 2019, and the 2020 event didn’t happen like many other tournaments, due to the pandemic. To this day, Street Fighter III Third Strike is still one of the bestand most impressive fighting games ever. Seeing top players duking it out is always impressive and exciting.

Street Fighter III 3rd Strike Cooperation Cup is organized by Matsuda, who pretty much does every tournament in Japan.

Match List

  • Michael (Chun-Li) Vs Sho (Yun),
  • RX (Urien) Vs Sugiyama (Necro),
  • Mester (Yun) Vs Boss (Makoto),
  • Nuki (Chun’Li) Vs Yomoda (Dudley),
  • Intermission
  • Genki (Alex) Vs Hayao (Hugo),
  • Kuni (Ryu) Vs Tominaga (Makoto),
  • Mimora (Makoto) Vs RX (Urien),
  • Boss (Ken) Vs Sho (Yun)

Capcom is working on several new projects these days. Such as mysterious game Pragmata. Moreover, Hideaki Itsuno teased a new game project on new years as well. Multiple of this projects, such as Dragon’s Dogma 2, have been maliciously leaked in the wake of a cyber attack.

Akira, best girl in Justice Gakuen / Rivals Schools, will be joining Street Fighter V in Summer 2021.

Resident Evil Village is another upcoming and highly anticipated Capcom game. It’ll possibly release in April 2021 judging from the above-mentioned leaks. The game’s entire plot has seemingly leaked as well.

Capcom is also rolling in money thanks to its Monster Hunter franchise. The next entry, Monster Hunter Rise on Switch, already lives up to the series’ incredible popularity: its demo release crashed the Nintendo servers.