Street Fighter Legend Justin Wong Takes First Place at DreamHack Montreal

Street Fighter Legend Justin Wong Takes First Place at DreamHack Montreal

Justin Wong dominated at DreamHack Montreal 2018 taking out Momochi, Mago, NuckleDu and many others to become claim the top spot.

There are few fighting game players as well known and well respected as Justin Wong. With a history in competitive Street Fighter and Marvel Vs Capcom along with other titles, Wong is consistently a force to be reckoned with on the eSports scene. And to further prove this, he has claimed first place in DreamHack Montreal 2018’s Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition tournament.

Justing Wong, playing on the side of Echo Fox, rushed into the top 16 through the winners’ bracket taking out Momochi’s Kolin before defeating Mago’s Cammy 3-0 who had subsequently knocked Evo 2018 champion Problem X into losers. From here, Wong’s duo of characters which included Menat and Karin took on NuckleDu to secure a spot in the grand finals.

Wong’s Menat overcame NuckleDu’s combination of Cammy and Juri to walk away with a strong 3-1 victory during their match in winners’ final, knocking NuckleDu into losers’. However, this seemed to be just the start of their rivalry as NuckleDu defeated Problem X to meet Wong again in the grand finals.

What followed was an incredible display of back and forth between these top American players. NuckleDu’s aggressive and accurate Cammy stopped zoning character Menat’s advances at every turn claiming a 3-1 victory over Wong to reset the bracket. However, with a steady game and patient game, Wong began to inch his way back into a 2-1 position. In a last-ditch attempt, NuckleDu switched to fan-favorite R. Mika securing another win and forcing Wong to switch to Karin.

Along with the character switch came a much more aggressive fighting style from both players. Although NuckleDu played a fantastic set, the fight went to Justin Wong making him DreamHack Montreal 2018’s champion.

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is available now for PlayStation 4 and PC and recently saw Season 3’s DLC charcaters wrapping up with the addition of veteran fighter Sagat and newcomer G.