Street Fighter V Pro Punished by Capcom for Unsportsmanlike Conduct

Capcom has taken action Street Fighter V player Victor "Punk" Woodley for threats and harassment towards a player and tournament organizer.

Last weekend was the first North America Qualifier for 2020’s Capcom Pro Tour for Street Fighter V where the best in the region played to nab a spot for future events. With COV-19 Capcom is naturally taking precautions by having all of the Capcom Pro Tour events take place online. When the news first broke out this upset players due to the game’s poor online netcode. Due to aggressive insults following the qualifier, Capcom made a statement taking action against pro player Victor “Punk” Woodley.

In losers finals, Woodley played against Alex Myers where there were signs of lag occurring throughout but was never recognized by the commentators. According to Ginx, Woodley was streaming his games on his personal stream where he threw his fight stick on the ground following his loss. These clips have since been deleted. He later went to the tournament’s discord server accusing Myers wins as fraudulent due to the lag. “My man lagged versus Mario, Snake Eyez, he lagged all day,” said Woodley. Punk also went out to call Myers a bitch as well as harassed tournament organizer Alex Valle.

Woodley eventually apologized to both Myers and Valle with both accepting his apology ready to move on from the situation. Capcom decided to take action on Woodley’s behavior by having him begin the next qualifying tournament in loser’s bracket which takes place in November later this year due to breaking the Capcom Pro Tour Code of Conduct. This will be Punk’s last opportunity to qualify for the final tournament which will take place sometime in 2021. Punk finished in second place last year during the Capcom Cup 2019 tournament.

Capcom’s decision received mixed feelings from the fighting game community including James Chen, one of the Street Fighter V commentators during the match. “I really hope they rescind this. This is unnecessary, IMO,” said Chen. He continues, “Salt happens. And social media allows people easy access to making emotional mistakes. It *was* a mistake, but he already apologized for it. It was over. For the sake of integrity, please let Punk off with just a warning.” Chen later reversed his thoughts saying “As people have pointed out, Code of Conduct rules were violated, so enforcing the CoC is the right choice to make. And by that logic, I will support the decision made.”

Woodley responded to Capcom’s statement simply with “Well time to make this losers bracket run count.” The second North America Qualifier will take place on November 21, 2020.

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