Street Fighter Producer Says He Would Like More Customization

Street Fighter Producer Says He Would Like More Customization

Producer of Street Fighter, Yoshinori Ono said in a recent interviewer that he would love to see more customization in Street Fighter. And he doesn’t mean just different colored outfits or taunts, but customization in the moves a character touts. This equates to players using the same characters, but play completely different from each other. That would be awesome, in my opinion, because I for one hate mirror matches.

Yoshinori Ono put it like this:

“What I’d love to do someday, if possible, is taking these characters — like Ryu, Chun-Li, Abel, and Juri — and having a game where users could customize them to a high degree. I’m not talking about their costumes or something like that, but actually customizing what moves they use — the timing of them, their strengths, their weaknesses — so that my Ryu could be completely different from your Ryu. In addition to our skill sets being different, our characters themselves would be different.

I would compare it to something like F-1 Racing. There’s rules they have to obey and regulations for your car, but all the cars have different engines and different parts. Within that rule set, it really boils down to the driver’s skill. If we could simulate something like that in a fighting game, I think it would be really awesome.”

Of course, this by no means is an indication of an imminent change in the near future, but it’s definitely noteworthy to hear something like this from one of the head guys. Who knows — maybe one day.

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