Street Fighter Producer Yoshi Ono Expresses Confidence for a Stable Launch and Talks About Microtransactions

Street Fighter Producer Yoshi Ono Expresses Confidence for a Stable Launch and Talks About Microtransactions

Street Fighter V is one of the highly anticipated games of 2016, and I am sure Capcom are trying to make it as perfect as possible before its full launch.

Street Fighter Producer Yoshi Ono and Capcom’s Senior Product Manager Matt Dahlgren were recently in an interview, and Ono expressed his confidence about the upcoming February release.

“There’s no way I can tell you we’re not confident at all! God knows what kind of article you’d put out then! I obviously am confident! And the beta’s been so useful, we’ve got the kinks worked out and we see what we need to do working up to launch. I think it’ll all work out in the end.”

He continued to talk about the benefits of the beta, and some of the changes and improvements it helped them make in the full version of the game. However, the lack of an arcade version, makes it hard to “fine-tune” the characters by on-site testing.

“Getting the matchmaking working smoothly…. There’s no way to reiterate how important that is, we now realise. We’ve been really grateful that players have stuck with us, we’ve had a few phases and I think it’s got better and better. When each one kicks off there’s always a bit of a rough patch, but that’s what it’s for. We want to identify the bottlenecks, get things working. I think when each phase has run out, by the end of the weekend, we’ve got really smooth matchmaking, and that makes us happy.”

“We don’t want to just stress test the network aspect of the game- this is the first time we’re not releasing an arcade version, so we’re missing that on-site testing we’d get to fine-tune the characters. It’s really valuable for us, and while putting it at every event in the world, having a beta on console means we can up the number of people playing from the thousands to the tens of thousands, and that’s what we need to have a roster of 16 characters with a finely balanced, level playing field. When you go to an event there’s a trend towards pro characters, famous ones, but having it out there means we’re getting data on every character.”

Moving on to Dahlgren, who talked a bit more on microtransactions and how they are “much more player friendly” in Street Fighter V.

“I think, definitely – and it comes down to our philosophy. We’re trying to reward players who stay engaged with the game, and we have respect for our competitive players and we’re making sure that everything that can impact the outcome of a match needs to be earnable with in-game fight money. Microtransactions can be perceived quite negatively, but this time around it’s much more player friendly – players have more choice about what they want, previously it was bundled in one pack and now you can pick and choose what you want to work towards and get that content for free.”

Street Fighter V launches on February 16, 2016 on PS4 and PC.