Street Fighter Collaborates with Uniqlo for Upcoming T-Shirt Collection

Uniqlo and Capcom have joined up to bring us a Street Fighter T-Shirt collection, featuring characters from Street Fighter II and V

Need to update your fighting game wardrobe? Need a good Guile T-Shirt in your life? Well, Uniqlo and Street Fighter have come up with the collab perfect for you, featuring 12 different designs from Street Fighter II and V.

Uniqlo has been known for collaborating with video games, including the likes of Nintendo and Blizzard. This time around, the long-running Street Fighter series is up with designs featuring characters like Bison, Chun Li, and E. Honda from the games. Some designs seem a little more creative than others, like the Guile shirt which is an olive Tee with a dog tag in the front and the back featuring a classic victory screen and quote. While some of the shirts seem a little on the simple side, such as the plain white Ryu tee featuring the character in the exact same pose as the SFV cover art.

The Uniqlo collab is also being advertised now in-game for Street Fighter V, featuring some fantastic artwork of the cast sporting the gear. It’s a shame these designs couldn’t be added to the collab, because who wouldn’t want Vega lounging with some tea or Ken Masters hanging with his family? Oh well, at least we have something better to look at during load times rather than those test advertisements back in December.

The shirts are set to release on April 15 in stores and online. These Uniqlo collabs can be limited at times, so be sure to watch out for the release date. Check out the full display of shirts below and see for yourself if this collab will be worth picking up for yourself.

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Zack Potter

Zack Potter is a Staff Writer at DualShockers with a special love for fighting games and their competitive scenes. When he's not button mashing in Street Fighter, he is studying journalism at Fresno State.

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