Street Fighter V is Removing DirectInput and Direct PS4 Controller Support on Steam

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is removing DirectInput options for Direct PS4 Controller input, meaning you'll need to configure by Steam's settings

The next update for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is already upon us and it seems like we’re getting more than extra battle skins on this one, especially for Steam users. For version 4.021 of the game, Steam users with a DirectInput source for their controller will need to reassign the controller through Steam’s controller settings.

This goes for DualShock 4 controller users as well as most Arcade Sticks. So if you’re using Xinput for your Xbox controller or an Xbox Input only Arcade Stick, no need to adjust. Either way, here’s how to work around the problem.

Once SFV updates on your Steam client, you’ll want to head over to the “Steam” section on the top left corner of the window for Steam. You’ll then go to “Settings”, and then “Controller”. Once you’re there, you’ll click on “General Controller Settings” and most likely open Big Picture mode with a list of controller options for various controllers. The options include PlayStation, Xbox, Switch Pro Controller, and even generic pro controller. Important note, double check what console your Arcade Stick works on. For example, the Razer Atrox and Panthera look similar but the Atrox is intended for Xbox One while the Panthera is for PS4.

Once you’ve completed that, you can either continue in Big Picture and open Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, or close out and open the game from the desktop shortcut. Once launched, this may have you re-enter your input keys at the startup screen for the game.

And there you have it, you’re quick workaround to getting back in the dojo and finally get out of Super Bronze in ranked. And if you haven’t picked up Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition yet, you can pick up the game on Amazon with the first two seasons of DLC fighters (Featuring Guile, the greatest character to ever exist). However, the fourth season of DLC is still up in the air since we haven’t seen any announcements for new characters since Kage’s reveal at Capcom Cup.

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