Street Fighter V: Red Bull Conquest Results — CJ Truth and Punk Win Big

Red Bull Conquest hosted the last Premier event as well as the North American Finals -- CJ Truth and Punk come out big winners from the weekend.

The Red Bull Conquest occurred this past weekend. marking the last Street Fighter V event of the Capcom Pro Tour before the Capcom Cup. The Red Bull Conquest marked not only the open regional event but the North American Finals, both events giving last chances to make it into the Capcom Cup.

The Open Premier event was quite the spectacle with a surprising Top 8 including surprise Top 8 appearances from people like CJ Truth, Toi, and Samurai. The true hero of this bracket though was definitely CJ Truth and his undeniable Cammy play. After being defeated in Winners Finals (3-2) to Tokido, CJ Truth ran it all the way back from the Loser’s Bracket and get the run-back on Tokido. The match was a show stopper as CJ Truth took the reset (3-2) and defeat Tokido (3-1). There definitely was some errors on Tokido’s end during Grand Finals but that doesn’t deny the title that CJ Truth earned.

Immediately afterward, the North American Finals began as players have a chance at claiming that top seat in NA for either a comfier spot in the Capcom Cup or a last chance in the tournament. There were some surprising matches in the mix, including Nuckle Du using G to eliminate Justin Wong. CJ Truth, however, was still hot from his premier win as he crawled through Loser’s Bracket to face off against last year’s champ, Punk. The sets were pretty close though Punk still managed to defeat CJ Truth after a reset (3-2). Punk also took the Conquest event that occurred Saturday night, which doesn’t give him CPT points but does earn him a trip to EVO Japan. With these results though, CJ Truth earned a spot in the Capcom Cup as well as eliminate Smug from the standings and saving Chris T along the way.

Tokido, however, is still in the first place spot in the Street Fighter V global standings with an insane amount of points. Tokido, in fact, has been in Grand Finals for a whopping eight Premier events this season. We’ll see how this loss to CJ Truth will sit with him though.

Last weekend, however, we saw Fujimura command the Red Bull Kumite, so this can be anyone’s game come next month. Also a side note, there will be one final Last Chance Qualifier up for grabs at the beginning of the Capcom Cup so there is still a chance for someone to luck out and make it into the Street Fighter V tourney.

You can check out all of the players’ standings on the Capcom Pro Tour website and you can watch the Capcom Cup December 14-16.

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