Street Fighter V Beta Relaunches With Login Issues (UPDATED)

Street Fighter V Beta Relaunches With Login Issues (UPDATED)

Capcom’s Street Fighter V Beta has relaunched on the PS4 but even after getting delayed all this time, it still has issues. Things are supposed to go smoother than with the first beta, that had the servers cave in to the pressure of the sheer number of players trying to login.

PS4 players are still experiencing issues logging into the relaunched Beta. Capcom has tweeted out, they are looking into the issue and will be solved as soon as possible.

Street Fighter V is expected to launch in early 2016 for the PS4 and PC.

Update 1: The issue should be resolved by now according to Capcom.

Update 2: Slight improvements have been made to the match-making system, since it clearly wasn’t optimized properly. Although players with slow internet will still find a hard time to join a match.