Capcom Details Street Fighter V: Champion Edition Content Ahead Of Launch

Gathering everything released for Street Fighter V up to this point, the Champion Edition will include 40 characters, over 200 costumes and 34 stages.

February 8, 2020

With Street Fighter V: Champion Edition now less than a week away from its Feb. 14 launch, Capcom took a minute to break down all the content that will be available in the latest edition of its prized fighting game.

The list, published by Capcom USA’s Dan Louie to the Unity blog on Friday, includes all the characters, costumes and stages that will have been released up to that point.

Gathering everything present in the vanilla version of Street Fighter V and Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition (with the exception of Fighting Chance costumes, brand collaboration costumes and Capcom Pro Tour DLC), and coinciding with the release of Seth to close out Season 4, the final count will come in at 40 characters, over 200 costumes and 34 stages.

You can check out Street Fighter V: Champion Edition’s full content list in the gallery below or by reading the Capcom Unity blog post here.


Players, both old and new, have also had the chance to try out Champion Edition ahead of time via a week long free trial on the PlayStation 4 and Steam that ends Sunday.

Despite plenty of ups and downs ever since its initial Feb. 2016 release, Street Fighter V has remained as a major staple of the fighting game community. The game will be returning to the main stage for Evo 2020 at the end of July, and will offer the second largest roster in the series once Champion Edition is officially out (Ultra Street Fighter IV holds the title for the series’ largest roster with 44 characters).

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition, like its previous iterations, will be available for the PS4 and on PC via Steam. It will cost $29.99 new, but current players can buy an upgrade pack for their version of the game at $24.99.

SOURCE: Capcom


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