New Street Fighter V Gameplay Videos Introduce Sagat and G’s Fiery Moves

New Street Fighter V Gameplay Videos Introduce Sagat and G’s Fiery Moves

Street Fighter veteran Sagat and newcomer G have been released today in Street Fighter V, and Capcom is keen to teach how they move.

Following the release of Sagat and G as new characters in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition announced yesterday at EVO 2018 and executed right after this morning, Capcom released two further gameplay videos.

Each video is narrated by Community & Esports Manager Matt Edwards, and not only we see plenty of gameplay, but we also get an explanation of how Sagat and G play, what they’re good at, and why you may want to main either of them.


You can check out both trailers, and see if Sagat or G fit your fighting taste.

I’ll leave you with a funny story. When I used to play Street Fighter II at the arcades as a kid (yes, I’m old), I always thought Sagat shouted “Piper!” when executing his Tiger Shot. Don’t ask me why. I was like 10 years old. Now I can’t unhear that.

If you want to see more, you can take a look at the previously-released character Cody in his original trailer.

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is currently available for PS4 and PC. If you have not purchased the game just yet, and you want to do so, you can grab a copy on Amazon.

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