Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Season 4 Teased, Kage Revealed

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Season 4 Teased, Kage Revealed

Capcom unveils Season 4 of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition which includes a new character, Kage, and some character adjustments.

After the Grand Finals for Capcom Cup 2018, Yoshinori Ono and Capcom showed off the teaser for the next season for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. Ono went on stage with some devil horns to show off Kage, Street Fighter V’s rendition of Evil Ryu. The trailer also showed off the latest balance patches with updated abilities through V-Skill changes.

Kage appears to work like a mix of Akuma and Ryu. According to the trailer, Kage is Ryu overcome by the Hadou and turned violent. We see both Kage’s V-Trigger’s including a teleporting Shoryuken and a Demon Teleport that can be added to combos. It’ll be interesting to see how he stacks up against other shotos in the roster, but he definitely has options that make him stand out.


Kage is available now to play, alongside the character adjustments via the 4.0 update patch. No other characters were announced, creating more speculation about who will join Kage. Either way, it’s exciting to finally get some new changes to SFV to spark some changes to the meta.

The Capcom Pro Tour will also be returning next year, starting in March at Final Round. If you haven’t already, pick up Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition on PC and PS4 through Amazon to try out Season 4. Players can also try out the game right now on PS4 for the free trial. Here’s to what the next season for Street Fighter V brings, hopefully that includes Cammy nerfs.

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