Street Fighter V Mod Restoring Juri’s Original Sexy Outfit Already Released

on July 3, 2016 6:06 PM

When Street Fighter V was launched, Juri made an appearance in the story mode, wearing an unzipped suit granting a generous look on her cleavage, as you can see in the image at the bottom of the post.

When the character finally made a playable appearance in the recently released “A Shadow Falls” story mode, many were disappointed by the fact that a lot of skin was covered by an additional black catsuit.

While we don’t know whether this was an intentional move to cover Juri up, or simply an artistic choice (even if I’d say that if the intent was to tone down her sex appeal, adding a latex catsuit isn’t probably the best way), a modder who goes by the nickname BrutalAce on DeviantArt already took upon himself the task to restore the original costume.

Here are the full installation instructions and notes from BrutalAce.

– Copy the desired PAK file into \paks\~mods folder (if ~mods doesn’t exist then create it).

E.g. X:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\StreetFighterV\StreetFighterV\Content\Paks\~mods (Where X is your drive letter).

– Delete the associated PAK file from \paks\~mods folder.

E.g. X:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\StreetFighterV\StreetFighterV\Content\Paks\~mods (Where X is your drive letter).

Requires game version to be 1.04.


There are two files in this, one is the updated Moddah’s file that replace Cammy with Juri and the other is the original mod itself, maybe it can be used in story mode I am not sure but I just included it.

Btw I deleted her eye patch because imo she looks better without it but in addition to personal choice I also cannot find any material for it. By the looks of colors it should use her suit material but I preferred getting rid of it. If you guys need it then let me know I’ll try to do it with her suit material.


NOTE: This mod replace Cammy as Juri because she’s not officially out except story mode. It will certainly have some issues so use at your own risk.

NOTE2: Only in PAK file.

Below you can see two videos, one from BrutalAce Himself and one from YouTube user RajmanGaming HD.



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