Street Fighter V Netcode Fixed in Two Days By Reddit User

Street Fighter V's notorious netcode has finally gotten a fix: a popular Street Fighter subredditor reverse engineered and fixed it in just two days.

A subredditor by the name of Altimor took to fixing the notorious and oft referred to as Street Fighter V‘s “broken” netcode by reverse engineering it. As he documents, it only took two days to implement a simple fix that addresses the one-sided rollback issues (in which one person lags while the other person has a completely smooth experience).

According to his complete post:

SFV has a bug where one player’s game can lag behind the other’s online. This can cause artificial lag and one sided rollback for the other player.

When the players’ “clocks” are synced, if there is e.g. a 4 frame packet round trip time between them, each player should be 2 frames ahead of the time of the last received input from their opponent, and experience 2 frame rollbacks.

If one player lags behind, the other player will receive inputs from farther “in the past” (up to 15 frames!) than they should, causing unnecessarily big rollbacks and artificial lag, while the player that’s behind may even be receiving inputs that appear to be “in the future” to their game and never experience rollbacks at all.

This fix ensures your “clock” never gets more than half of your packet round trip time ahead of your opponent’s so that you never experience more rollback than them.

Currently this fix only seems to reliably work for PC to PC but does not work well for crossplay, aka PC to PS4. Unfortunately the only way to fix that issue would be if Capcom applied these sames changes to the PS4 netcode. You can download the fix here, and apply it by extracting the zip to “Steam/steamapps/common/Street Fighter V.”

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition meanwhile will be launching on February 14th of next year. Champion Edition will included 40 characters, 34 stages, over 200 costumes, and all the modes released so far for the title. In addition, Gill — the main villain of Street Fighter 3 — will be added to the roster either through the Champion Edition in February 2020. Seth from Street Fighter IV will also be making his debut with a complete redesign.

Before then the last big announcement for Street Fighter V involved three characters being added to the game: E. Honda, Lucia, and Poison. The same news also involved an apology from Valve as they accidentally leaked said characters before they could be revealed properly at EVO 2019.

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