Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition May Not See a Season Pass for 2019’s Characters

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition May Not See a Season Pass for 2019’s Characters

As Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition prepares to enter another year, it's been announced that there are no plans for a 2019 season pass.

This past weekend was a fantastic display of what popular esports title Street fighter V: Arcade Edition is all about. The Capcom Cup saw a new champion crowned while legends like Daigo were eliminated without winning a single set. The series’ producer Yoshinori Ono then took to the stage to announce the game’s latest character, Kage.

The following days saw a storm of Kage related promotional materials released including screenshots of the character alongside videoes showcasing just how aggressive this demonic Ryu variation could be in combat. Street Fighter fans became excited for the year ahead and started their annual tradition of attempting to guess which characters would be joining the fight during the game’s fourth season.

However, it seems that the initial hype train has become somewhat derailed by a tweet from the official Street Fighter Twitter account. Posting into a thread that had begun days before with Kage’s reveal trailer, it was announced that there are no plans in place for a season pass to coincide with the release of 2019’s DLC characters.

This seems quite bizarre considering all three previous seasons carried season passes which allowed players to buy all of the respective year’s characters for a discounted price.

The game has seen a number of changes throughout its lifetime, the latest of which sees sponsored advertisements within the title. Perhaps this new marketing approach has something to do with the apparent lack of a season pass. Either way, the reason for this change is currently unconfirmed and its safe to assume that everything is currently subject to change. However, the tweet went on to that more information would be revealed in the future.

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is available now on PlayStation 4 and PC. The ever-changing title can be purchased via Amazon. Kage is available to pruchase to purchase right now for $5.99 or for in-game Fight Money.

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