Street Fighter V Pre-order Costumes and Collector’s Edition for North America Revealed

Street Fighter V Pre-order Costumes and Collector’s Edition for North America Revealed

If you have pre-ordered Street Fighter V in North America, you get access to the game’s beta. But Capcom didn’t think that was enough for their fans, so they added character costumes as the pre-order bonus, the costume you will be getting depends on your retailer.

The pre-order costumes are from the Battle Costumes series, and they look pretty cool, especially the one for Ryu.

GAMESTOP: Battle Costume Ryu

  • Strong and grizzly, Ryu emerges from a long period of training ready for the next opponent!

BEST BUY: Battle Costume Cammy

  • Decked out in mission gear, Cammy is ready to complete her next objective!

AMAZON: Battle Costume M. Bison

  • The evil dictator M. Bison dons an extra sinister looking, ominous black outfit!

PlayStation Store/PC Digital: Battle Costume Chun-Li

  • Wearing one of her signature black dresses, Chun-Li always fights in style!

Don’t worry if you have already pre-ordered, these bonuses will come with past and future pre-orders.

They also revealed the content of Street Fighter V’s Collector’s Edition, priced at $99.99, which includes a 10 inch, fully painted Ryu statue and DLC code cards. Here is the full list of contents:


  • SFV game disc
    • The standard SFV game disc and case is included in every Collector’s Edition.
  • 10 inch, fully painted Ryu statue
    • Meticulously articulated and commanding in stature, the sculpture depicts Ryu preparing for his next battle. The Collector’s Edition packaging is specially windowed as well so that you can see the top half of the statue from the outside.
  • 48p hardcover artbook
    • Jam-packed with design sketches and other behind-the-scenes materials that shed light behind the development process of the game.
  • Code Cards for additional downloadable content:
    • Udon Digital Street Fighter Comics
      • A collection of some of Udon’s finest work with the Street Fighter comic series.
      • SFV Soundtrack Sampler
        • Curated selection of some of the best tunes from the game.
        • Twitch One-Month Subscription to Capcom Fighters channel
          • This bonus is actually included with every standard copy of SFV, and gives a free one-month subscription to the Capcom Fighters channel on Twitch, which grants exclusive access to special Street Fighter chat emoticons, as well as video archive access.

Street Fighter V is set to launch in 2016 for PC and PS4.