Gachikun Crushes Tokido in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition at Sea Major

Gachikun Crushes Tokido in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition at Sea Major

Gachikun's Rashid made short work of Tokido's Akuma in the grand finals of Asia's Capcom Pro Tour regionals at Sea Major 2018.

The main event for fighting game fans over the weekend was Sea Major 2018 which took place in Singapore serving as Asia’s Capcom Pro Tour regional finals. Unlike most tournaments, the regional finals was an 8-man competition featuring the top players from the Asain CPT leaderboards. Of course, this meant that some of the best-known names in the competitive fighting game circuit were present including Fuudo, Xian, Tokido, and Gachikun; all competing for a spot in the Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition grand finals.

Opening up with a match between Fuudo and Tokido, this year’s Evo runner-up was quickly dispatched with a 0-3 loss catapulting him into the losers’ bracket. Fuudo continued his win streak by beating Fujimura 3-1 before succumbing to Gachikun. Refusing to stay down, Tokido clawed his way back into the grand finals eliminating Sako who played as the incredibly popular Menat and following through by taking out Chuan’s Guile in quick succession scoring strong 3-0 victories in each set. He then solidified his position in the grand finals with Gachikun by winning a grudge match against Fuudo’s R. Mika 3-2.

The grand final action took off at a high speed with each player choosing characters who’s fighting styles were both swift and aggressive. Tokido’s Akuma is well-known through the fighting game scene for being unrelenting and for pressuring opponents into corners. However, the intimidating fighter had his work cut out for him as he took on Japan’s Gachikun who’s Rashid was lighting fast and struck with expert precision. Gachikun’s play-style focused on a constant string of pokes, capitalizing on each hit for maximum damage which forced Tokido to make a number of mistakes throughout the set. With a near flawless run, Gachikun easily overcame Tokido to secure an impressive 3-0 victory and become Asia’s Capcom Pro Tour regional finals champion at Sea Major 2018.

You can check out the full tournament in the video below with Gachikun and Tokido’s match beginning around the four-hour mark. If you haven’t already picked up a copy of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition for PlayStation 4 or PC, it can be purchased from Amazon.

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