Street Fighter V Season 5 Adds Dan, Rose, Oro, and Tons More

Street Fighter V Season 5 Adds Dan, Rose, Oro, and Tons More

Street Fighter V kicks off season 5 with fan-favorite fighter Dan and the content will keep coming to Capcom's crown jewel deep into 2021.

Today, Capcom provided fans with an in-depth look at the new content coming to Street Fighter V. In what the team called the Summer Update, we were treated to reveals for four of the five characters coming in Season 5. As expected, it’s a star-studded cast full of fun fighters. Check out the full update right under this or skip below and read the highlights.

Street Fighter V Season 5 kicks off with off the release of Dan. As the world’s biggest (and maybe only) fan of Hibiki, this is incredibly exciting news for me personally. Dan might be a joke and an idiot, but he’s also objectively the best.

Dan and a host of new content hit SFV in winter 2020. This includes a stage, some costumes, and a new battle mechanic. In spring 2021, Rose fans will be happy to see her join the crew, with Oro and Akira joining in summer 2021. Those updates will also drop new stages and costumes, though the Dan drop looks to be the biggest one of the bunch.

Currently, the team is still keeping the fifth and final fighter under wraps. We know they’re coming during winter 2021, but have no idea who it will end up being. Make sure to stay tuned for then that info becomes available.

If you haven’t picked up Street Fighter V yet and want to, now is a great time to do so. You can pick up a full trial of the game on PC and PS4. It comes complete with all 40 previously released fighters. You’ll have to do so quickly though, as it expires in five days. That said, the Championship Edition is currently on sale for 25% off on both platforms. There’s never been a better time to hop in and get to fighting.