Sako Becomes Street Fighter V Champ at Southern California Regionals

Sako Becomes Street Fighter V Champ at Southern California Regionals

Sako calculated performance brings Menat to the top at Southern California Regionals 2018 in a clash against Xiao Hai's Cammy.

It’s been a busy weekend for eSports events. While the Halo World Championships brought the spotlight to FPS games, 2018’s Southern California Regionals took place with a wide arrange of fighting games seeing a huge number of players descending upon the Ontario Convention Centre.

Among the titles played were Pokken Tournament DXDragon Ball FighterZ, Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator 2, and the upcoming weapon-based fighter SoulCalibur VI. The headlining game sporting more than 250 entrants was Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition.

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition’s top 8 saw Sako entering through the winners’ bracket and taking on StormKubo’s Abigail to emerge with a solid 3-2 victory propelling him into winners’ finals where he continued his reign by knocking Xiao Hai’s Cammy into losers’. However, Xiao Hai was not willing to give up the fight that easily. An impressive 3-1 win over Chris T’s Akuma lined Xiao Hai up for a rematch in grand finals against Sako’s unbeaten Menat.

Grand finals then saw an impressive display from Xiao Hai as his Cammy took to her signature aggressive stance and advanced upon Sako with a dangerous mix of speed and accuracy. However, it was not enough to wear down his calm and calculated Manet. His level-headed play-style saw him stopping incoming attacks from Xiao Hai’s Cammy at every turn to see the long and grueling set end with a 3-2 victory for Sako as he took his place as the Sothern California Regionals 2018 champion.

The final standings from Southern California Regionals 2018 mark the second major win for a Manet player in recent weeks as fighting game legend Justin Wong also took her to the top spot at Dreamhack Montreal.

You can watch the weekend’s full Top 8 bracket in the video below. Street fighter V: Arcade Edition is available now for PlayStation 4 and PC. The constantly evolving fighting game’s latest characters Sagat and G are also available as part of the title’s third season.