Street Fighter V Sport Costumes Coming July 25th

More Street Fighter V costumes are on the way, and this time things are going to get real, real sporty.

on July 21, 2017 9:09 PM

Today during San Diego Comic Con (2017), Capcom announced new sporty costumes for Street Fighter V. More specifically, three new costumes are coming for Laura, Ibuki, and Rashid on July 25th.

According to Capcom, the three charcters chosen for a sporty makeover are no mere pulled out of a hat selections, rather the three are the most mobile characters in the game.

First up we have Ibuki, rocking a volleyball uniform complete with a sports watch and nimble trainers. Classic Ibuki stuff.

Street Fighter V Sport Costumes Coming July 25th

Then there is the Brazilian Laura, rocking a Brazilian-themed soccer (football for you non-Americans) uniform. It doesn’t really look like a soccer uniform, but hey maybe Street Fighter V will usher in a new era for women’s soccer uniforms. She also is rocking some new knee pads. Also not soccer atire, but hey we threw that out the window already. Oh, and she has some soccer socks (I think) and some cleats (I think).

Street Fighter V Sport Costumes Coming July 25th

And of course we have sporty, sporty Rashid, who is also rocking  a soccer uniform. And unlike Laura, his new garb looks like soccer attire — for the most part.

Street Fighter V Sport Costumes Coming July 25th

As always, each of these costumes will cost $3.99 USD each, as in $12 all together. As mentioned above, the costumes will hit on July 25th, the same day Abigal will arrive.

Street Fighter V is available for PS4 and PC.

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