Street Fighter V Will Launch With 16 Characters; You’ll Be Able to Earn DLC Characters in Game

Street Fighter V Will Launch With 16 Characters; You’ll Be Able to Earn DLC Characters in Game

During the Street Fighter V panel at EVO 2015, Producer Yoshinori Ono gave some interesting news about the upcoming game for PS4 and PC.

Below you can see the slides of the presentation, courtesy of Twitter user Joe.

The game will come with an initial roster of 16 playable characters, including four new ones. More will continuously be added post-launch, and you’ll be able to purchase them all via currency earned in game (Fight Money), or by paying real money for a second type of currency that will give you instant access to the content (Zenny).

SF5_1 SF5_2 SF5_3 SF5_4

The beta will start with a phase 1 for PS4 only,  from July 23rd to July 28th. A second phase in the fall will include PC as well, and a third phase still has to be determined.


Further into the presentation, we hear about some new development concepts for the game, devised to make characters memorable and to make their personality shine.

Returning characters have also been revised, especially through the Variable system (V-skill and V-triggers) in order to make them unique without erasing their history.

The idea was to avoid weakening powerful characters, but instead improving those that weren’t as good while keeping their overall playstyle intact.


More information was given about the design direction of the characters that have been introduced for now, using Ryu as a standard to which all others can be compared:

SF5_12 SF5_13 SF5_14

As a final bonus, we see some sketches of the attacks for Birdie and Nash and some early character design art.


I can already hear you say: “What? No new character?”

It’s actually coming, but we’ll have to wait for tomorrow to hear about him or her, during the Ultra Street Fighter IV finals.