Yoshinori Ono Thanks the Community and is Collecting Feedback for In-Game Ads in Street Fighter V

Yoshinori Ono Thanks the Community and is Collecting Feedback for In-Game Ads in Street Fighter V

Game producer Yoshinori Ono gives us an update about the sponsored content in Street Fighter V, though it appears that the in-game ads are here to stay.

The sponsored content seen on costumes, loading screens and in the stages displeased many fans of Street Fighter V with its recent inclusion in-game. In response to fan criticism from the past week, Yoshinori Ono gave us an update about the situation today.

Ads for the many DLC costumes, characters and stages have been a part of the experience in Street Fighter V since last week. While the option to see them and gain 4-12 FM (Fight Money) more per online match can be turned off, it enraged many fans that Capcom added this form of sponsored content and that they are activated for players by default. To turn off the ads, you have to go to the Battle Settings where you can find the option to turn off the game’s sponsored ads.

Capcom received a lot of criticism for this move on various social media platforms. The game producer and former head of the fighting game division at Capcom, Yoshinori Ono, gave us an update via his personal Twitter and also the official Street Fighter Twitter account:

From Ono’s statement it seems like ads won’t go anywhere, but Capcom is at least aware that people did not like how they were integrated into the game and might change how they are displayed.

In other news, Street Fighter V just received its latest character with Kage, the inner demon of the series main protagonist Ryu, and also a big patch that re-balanced all of the 28 characters in the game so far.

If you haven’t already, pick up Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition on PC and PS4 through Amazon. The game had a controversial launch, but now that it has a lot of content for single players as well as many characters to use both off and online, it’s a pretty great deal.