Street Fighter X Tekken DLC Priced, Dated and Detailed

Street Fighter X Tekken DLC Priced, Dated and Detailed

Capcom has finally spilled some details on the truckload of DLC coming to Street Fighter X Tekken. Let’s start first and foremost with the DLC characters, which are easily the biggest additions. The characters will be offered in a single pack and will not be available individually, which isn’t usually how the genre handles this kind of content. For just $20, players will be able to download and use all 12 of the DLC characters. There is no release date for the character pack, but we know it’s due sometime after the release of SFXT for the PS Vita.

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Next are the alternate costumes, which will be priced at just $1. A whopping 38 costumes are currently confirmed – 19 for the Tekken characters and 19 for the Street Fighter characters. Two costume collection packs will include all 19 costumes for either faction and will be priced at $13 apiece, saving anyone interested in buying all of the costumes a total of $12 compared to buying them individually. This content will launch on April 3rd, alongside three free color packs containing four colors each for use in the character customization mode.

The free DLC doesn’t stop there. Within “a few weeks” of the first DLC releases, Capcom will be rolling out additional quick combos to equip your characters with. Then, they’ll release six Boost Gem and three Assist Gem packs for a total of 60 new gems. This update will also allow players to save more gem loadouts per character and add a ‘replay analyzer’, allowing players to study the capabilities of each chraracter more closely.

Finally, an update adding ‘tournament support’ will be released. The update will streamline the gem selection process by implementing a new dial system. Remember, the first DLC  will be available on April 3rd. Street Fighter X Tekken is available now on HD consoles.