Street Fighter X Tekken’s 1.04 Patch Enables New Glitch

on May 17, 2012 8:30 PM

Capcom finally released the long awaited 1.04 patch for Street Fighter X Tekken a couple of days ago. The patch addressed a plethora of glitches and infinites, as well as balance tweaks for numerous characters. Unfortunately, the patch has enabled a new glitch – and it seems to be much more problematic than an infinite combo.

If Rolento uses his mid-air ‘Stinger’ attack (the one where he throws a knife) and the knife collides with almost any other projectile in the game, the game will freeze up entirely. The glitch affects just about every other projectile in the game. At least with an infinite you only lost the match. With this, ¬†you have to exit the game entirely.

Hopefully Capcom will address this new glitch quickly, before it catches on and everyone starts using Rolento instead of Kazuya. I’ve pasted a video demonstrating the glitch below.

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