Street Fighter's Chun-Li Kicks it up a Notch in Awesome Cosplay

March 7, 2022

Cosplayer and influencer Annjelife knocks it out of the park with her killer cosplay of Street Fighter’s Chun-Li.

Since it first launched in 1987, Street Fighter has been one of Capcom’s most iconic franchises. With five main titles and a number of crossovers, the Japanese fighting game is one of the biggest video game franchises of all time.

Of course, with a slew of powerful, iconic characters, it’s only natural that the Street Fighter fanbase took to cosplay to honor their favorite game. As a tribute to Street Fighter‘s “strongest woman in the world,” cosplayer Annjelife kicks it off with an incredible Chun-Li cosplay.



Las Vegas/Los Angeles-based influencer and cosplayer Annjelife (real name Annjela) took Twitter by storm with her gorgeous rendition of Chun-Li. She rocks Chun-Li’s iconic hairstyle and chunky white boots, looking ready to kick off a fight at any time.

Originally, Chun-Li was Street Fighter‘s first female playable character. Proud, strong, and boasting a swath of martial arts skills, she quickly became a fandom favorite. Annjelife’s creation here is a beautiful version of one of gaming’s most beloved female characters.

Photos by @square_noodles on Instagram
By @square_noodles on Instagram
Photography by @square_noodles on Instagram

The Chun-Li dress is decked out in shining gold trim, flashing in the glow of the neon lights behind her. It’s an awesome effect that adds to the power of the high kick, which only makes this cosplay more impressive. The backdrop, a neon sign room in Los Angeles, is truly the perfect backdrop to these epic Chun-Li shots.

Additionally, the photos were taken by Marvin of @square_noodles on Instagram. Much of his work centers on cosplay photography, and his portrait work absolutely knocks it out of the park. The balance between the glow of the neon lights and the light actually on Annjelife provides an incredibly cool contrast – perfectly fitting for Chun-Li.

Finally, you can follow Annjelife on Twitter @Annjelife or on Instagram. Further, you can check out some behind-the-scenes clips of some of her other cosplay photoshoots on Tiktok.

So far, there are no gameplay reveals for Street Fighter 6 just yet, but a more substantial announcement with more details is coming in Summer 2022.

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