Street Power Football Might Be the Arcade Sports Game We Need

Street Power Football looks to provide a much-needed alternative to the crowded sports simulator market.

NBA Street. NFL Blitz. NHL Hitz. The list of all-time classic arcade sports games is long and varied. However, in recent years, sports simulators have completely overtaken the market. Sure, FIFA 20 half-heartedly tried to give fans some arcade goodness with Volta and I’m sure some people like NBA Playgrounds. However, for the most part, the selection of arcade sports titles has mostly dried up. As a huge fan of those classic games, I’m constantly hoping for a comeback to greatness. Well, it’s not exactly what I want, but Street Power Football might be a great step in the right direction. Give the reveal trailer a watch below.

Now, look, Street Power Football is probably not going to light the world on fire. I hope I’m wrong and it’s incredible, but developer Games Gamajun seems relatively unproven in the sports game space. That said, some of the gameplay and features they’ve shown off thus far have me excited to at least try the game out.

Street Power Football offers six game modes to play through. Whether you’re perfecting your tricks in freestyle, dominating opponents in Panna, or trying to “become the street king” in the game’s adventure mode, the game is all about style. The team is bringing in several real-world freestyle footballers while injecting a few of their creations into the mix as well. Stars like Sean Garnier and Liv Cooke seem to have done extensive mo-cap to ensure the moves are as lifelike as possible. Of course, this being an arcade game, there are some game-changing superpowers available. Each character has their own, so mastering them will be key.

Street Power Football launches on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One this summer. Hopefully, it is the arcade sports game I’ve been dreaming about. If not, there’s always Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions on the horizon.

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