Stretch Goal of 800K Reached in Divinity: Original Sin, New Update Explains Differences Between Henchmen and Companions

on April 25, 2013 2:33 PM

I guess I should keep my fingers crossed more often because according to the latest two updates (here and here), Divinity: Original Sin managed to reach their $800,000. This means that some Henchmen can actually become Companions now, which gives them vasts amounts of depth and story importance–an element I look forward to seeing in the finished game.

In the first update video, Sven Vincke explains the differences between Henchmen and Companions. Henchmen pull their backstory and dialogue from limited story and dialogue pools while Companions are fitted with unique backstories, personalities and dialogue trees. Also, unlike their counterparts, Companions will be able to react (loudly) to the actions of your player characters and will be heavily involved in the affection and affinity systems of the game. (Affection meaning how much they like the player and affinity meaning how well-aligned their beliefs are with the player.) It  is imperative to consider these aspects, as they both affect the morale rating of the party–if morale is high then the party fights well, if its low then the party essentially sucks in combat.

The second video update shows how you can use the game editor–which was used before to recreate a level of Divine Divinity–to modify in-game materials and achieve pretty nifty results, like using a glass shader or skin shader on a statue and changing the color of an object.

The Kickstarter campaign is now at less than 24 hours–if you want to help them achieve their final stretch goal of $1,000,000 (which allows for NPCs schedules, Day and Night Systems and Weather Systems that affect gameplay) go here to contribute.

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