Stretch Your Mind With Torsion

on July 3, 2011 5:00 PM

From engineering student Tobias Zirr comes Torsion, a simple demo based around a simple concept (similar to Narbacular Drop and TAG: The Power of Paint): compression of space. To platform and solve puzzles, you fire two balls at platforms and items. When you right-click, these two balls compress and warp the space between them.

It’s a very interesting concept, though the demo looks basic. The developer is working “off and on” on a continuation of the idea, but it’ll probably be a while before we see a full proof of concept.

You can download the prototype from his Dropbox (direct download) here, but you’ll need the latest PhysX and DirectX runtimes, as well as VC++ 2005 CRT (see the readme in the download for more on that).

Hit the jump for a trailer of the game in action.

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