Stronghold Kingdoms Patch Adds Crown Prince Power Rank

Stronghold Kingdoms Patch Adds Crown Prince Power Rank

Firefly Studios has announced they will be adding a Crown Prince rank to Stronghold Kingdoms. This rank is targeted at high level players that will add a twist to the endgame of this castle MMO.

With the new rank comes the ability to have access to 25 villages in the game. Crown Prince can be unlocked by obtaining 10,000,000 honour that will require going through sub-ranks and invest research points in an extended Leadership branch of the research tree. While working toward the rank will be no easy task the rewards are worth the time. Players will gain access to more Vassals and extend their control over the land even further.

The patch also contains tweaks for voting for Faction leadership that will have Faction Officers decided on a majority vote. Amount of shields displayed at certain zoom levels had been decreased to give a boost to game performance. Also a tweak that adds a counter to parish donations for keeping track of achievements.

Also added in the patch are bug fixes to the monk influence that allowed votes to go past cap and parish names are no longer blocked by country borders.

Fans of this free  to play game on Steam will enjoy the new rank and tweaks made along with some bug fixes to improve the game.