Struggling, the Weird, Fleshy Co-Op Platformer, is Out Now

Play as Troy, a constantly screaming abomination of eyes and arms in Struggling.

August 27, 2020

Today’s Gamescom show gave a platform to over 30 games, some we knew about and others we didn’t. Struggling is one of the ones we knew about before, and it kept us up at night for it. Now, this fleshy, nightmare-fuel platformer has made a quick and sudden announcement, in the form of a new trailer and a surprise launch today.

Developed by Chasing Rat Games and published by Frontier Foundry, Struggling is a co-op platformer that puts players in the… arms of Troy, an abomination of skin, meat, eyes and mouths. Each player controls one of Troy’s arms, meaning walking itself is already a challenge. But you won’t just be walking in Struggling, you’ll be clambering across canyons, through garbage dumps and inside other enormous amalgams of flesh and teeth. As the game’s Steam store page says, there’s one thing for certain in Struggling: you’re going to struggle.

Struggling looks to be a more uncomfortable take on Heave Ho. Instead of adorable cartoon characters though, you’re a horrifying squishy cartoon abomination. The real link between the two is a heavy emphasis on physics. To get Troy through the various locales he’ll be scaring the bejeezus out of, you’ll have to swing him around on two ridiculously long arms from point to point. Luckily, the arms can even detach from Troy’s constantly-screaming head to toss it up walls like a rubber ball.

If all this interests you, I’ve got great news. Struggling is available right now on Steam and the Nintendo Switch, for only $14.99. You can find the game on Steam here and on the Nintendo Store here.

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