Student Dies During Twelve Hour Gaming Marathon

Student Dies During Twelve Hour Gaming Marathon


From the Korea Times, a nineteen year old college student has dropped dead during an online gaming marathon that lasted longer than twelve hours. The marathon and subsequent death took place in a “PC bang” which is something like an arcade for personal computers. This took place on the evening of Monday, December 27th.

Accordingly, the young man played at the PC bang for eight hours before going home to eat for about one hour and then returning to the gaming marathon. Friends and family of the deceased say he played the game quite often. The student was rushed immediately to the hospital following his abrupt collapse while playing the game and doctors pronounced him dead on arrival.

Specific details on the game being played have yet to surface. Further investigation into the cause behind the death is currently being performed. While our condolences go out to the former gamer’s loved ones, something tells me this won’t end well for video games.

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