Studio Mono Shares More Insight into the World of Insomnia: The Ark

Studio Mono Shares More Insight into the World of Insomnia: The Ark

Studio Mono explains in a post about how people are able to survive in the harsh world of the roleplaying game Insomnia: The Ark.

Insomnia: The Ark is now set to be released later this month, and developer Studio Mono has shared some more background information about the game’s world in a post on Steam. Previously, they talked about the reasons why the people of Nomah fled their planet and are traveling through space on the space station called Object 6. This time, they shared information about how the citizens of the station have survived the centuries-long journey and some screenshots as well.

They begin by explaining the Big Sleep procedure. Since the station’s production capacities were unable to fully supply everyone aboard with food, citizens were put into stasis. Eventually, three-quarters of the station’s official population were suspended in cryosleep. However, some people managed to sneak onto the station illegally and resorted to stealing, killing, and eventually cannibalism in order to stay alive. Their descendants inhabit the abandoned sectors of the space station.

Eventually, the illegal refugees discovered a plant called crioma. Spreading across the station’s tunnels incredibly quickly, it produced strange “fruits” that were consumed by the refugees. Apparently, crioma was developed before the war as an experimental food product with its genetic basis from algae and moss. In time, it adapted to the harsh conditions of the station and began to reproduce toxic volatile spores that are hazardous to humans.

Crioma’s longterm effects are believed to cause Schizophreniform Anar’s disorder which is a mental illness also known as somnia, and its main symptoms include psychosis, impaired perception, and emotional distress. It plagues the people of Object 6 even after a safe analogue of the crioma was created called oma.

The question remains about whether crioma was really behind the toxic influence of somnia or if the government is hiding much more than it seems. Many people in the game voice their unrest, so there are surely larger things at work here.

If you’re intrigued by the world of Insomnia: The Ark, then you can check out my preview of the game. According to the post, Insomnia: The Ark will be available for PC later this month. You can check out some screenshots that were shared in the post below.