Studio Polygon Treehouse Reveals New Artwork for Röki

Studio Polygon Treehouse Reveals New Artwork for Röki

New and beautiful artwork of Röki surfaces.

Earlier this month two art directors from the former Guerrilla Cambridge — Alex Kanaris and Tom Jones — announced their new studio: Polygon Treehouse. Alongside revealing their new studio, the pair also revealed its first game: Röki, a Scandinavian fantasy-inspired point-and-click adventure game.

Today, the developer — via Kotaku — released some new artwork/images of the game, showcasing even more of its beautiful wintery and fantasy setting. Additionally, the developer also released a new stylized Gif, showing off a bit of what the actual game looks like.

Platforms and a release date have yet to be divulged. Below, you can check out the new artwork, as well as the game’s announcement trailer (just in case you missed it).

For more information on the game, be sure to check out our previous posting covering its unveiling, here.