StudioAC Games Announced, Looks to Create Worlds “as Diverse as the World Around Us”

StudioAC Games Announced, Looks to Create Worlds “as Diverse as the World Around Us”

The studio wants to "reach as many platforms as possible,"

On January 11, 2021, StudioAC Games was announced on Twitter through an animated logo reveal. The independent studio that is based in the UK looks to “create beautiful characters, stories and settings as diverse as the world around us.” The studio has been founded by Adam Campbell and looks to collaborate with individuals and teams around the world “in a distributed model” where it will “manage complex projects without concern for continental borders. ”

StudioAC Games is run by Adam Campbell who has experience at Jagex as a tech support lead on Runescape and War of Legends. He was also a functionality tester at SEGA where he tested upcoming games —such as Crush 3D— for the company and publishing partners. Other previous roles include an associate producer and product manager at Miniclip and the product lead for kids TV app Hopster.

Currently, Adam is the director of product at Azoomee, a children’s streaming service that has games and other media. He’s also the co-founder of POC in Play, an independent organization that looks to increase the visibility and representation of People of Color in the video games industry, working to create more opportunities.

At current, the studio is working on its first game, although details haven’t been revealed as of yet, but could be revealed as the FAQ states, “sooner than you expect”. The studio also plans to reach as many platforms as possible, and says that PC and mobile are “the most open platforms for publishing” but says that “our games would work wonderfully on consoles.”