Stunning inFAMOUS: Second Son Concept Art Shows Glass and Wire Powers in Action

on April 16, 2014 5:53 PM

We’ve heard a lot of hints about glass and wire-based powers in inFAMOUS: Second Son. They were hinted at in the augmented reality websites created for the inFAMOUS: Paper Trail and today we learn that they actually made the concept phase.

Concept artist Levi Hopkins published a large amount of concept art pieces made for inFAMOUS: Second Son on his personal portfolio, and between those there are some extremely interesting pieces that show that both wire and glass powers were actually planned for the game. You can see them at the bottom of the post.

Even more interestingly, they show that glass could have been used as a power for the DUP instead of concrete. The file names reveal its use for bishops (the bald officers wearing a trench coat) and one of the pieces of artwork also shows it used as a cocoon for the Rooks (the burly soldiers with the machine gun). One of the pieces about wire mentions it used by arch-villainess Augustine herself.

To top it off, the artwork also shows exactly how the powers could have been used, from caltrops dropped on the ground, to shield, walls and even reflecting bullets to negate the use of cover.

Sucker Punch actually justified the choice of Concrete over wire and glass in the story itself (mild spoiler ahead, so if you didn’t play the game, don’t read on). One of the audio logs that you can collect has a DUP informant reveal the following:

It might surprise you to know that the DUP wasn’t always made up of concrete conduits. They experimented with a number of abilities. They needed something visually strong, easy to train, and versatile. It’s proved harder than you might imagine. All the plant and organic abilities made people uneasy. Wire proved way to hard to control, paper didn’t convey strength and security. Surprisingly glass was a strong contender, but eventually proved too difficult to master. Augustine’s concrete ability more and more became the only obvious choice. She was the poster child of the DUP. It would make sense that her ability would be the one imbued in all the troops.

You can check out what could have been in the gallery below. The question is: have wire and glass powers be fully discarded, or maybe they’re just waiting for their turn in some sort of DLC? Sucker Punch already mentioned that they might consider additional content after the Paper Trail, so you never know.

You can see more of Hopkins’ amazing inFAMOUS: Second Son concept art on his personal portfolio.

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