Stuntman: Ignition Rated for PS4 by PEGI

on February 7, 2017 11:44 AM

The Pan European Game Information (PEGI) board has rated Stuntman: Ignition for PS4.

For those that don’t know: Stuntman: Ignition is the sequel to Stuntman that released for Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, and mobile devices back in 2007. The game was developed by Paradigm Entertainment and published by THQ.

According to the rating, THQ Nordic is behind the game, which should be expected given that it owns the IP.

As many of you know, THQ Nordic has been one of the biggest supporters of bringing classic PS2 titles to the PS4. Given the publishers reputation and the fact that the game is only rated for PS4 — ruling out some type of remaster —  it is likely that Stuntman: Ignition will soon yet be another THQ Nordic PS2 classic on PS4.

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