Submarine-Based Indie Earth Atlantis Dives Onto Xbox One and PS4 this June

Submarine-Based Indie Earth Atlantis Dives Onto Xbox One and PS4 this June

With an art style reminiscent to 14th-century sketches from wayfaring sailors, Earth Atlantis has you hunting terrible beasts underwater, coming June 1.

Pixel Perfex and Headup Games have announced a release date for their post-apocalyptic underwater title, Earth Atlantis. For those who missed the game’s initial Nintendo Switch release, Inside Earth‘s animation and art style is based on sketches from maps and sailor journals during the 14th century, often adding large and dangerous monsters hiding in the water in various illustrations. The title will hit both PS4 and Xbox One on June 1, 2018.

Set in a post-apocalyptic state, civilization is beginning to fall under the shift in the earth’s climate. Much like an unnamed over-budget Kevin Costner film, the surface of the earth is mostly covered in water, at 96% to be exact. However, humanity can only live underwater after the planet’s shift, and frail humans can’t exactly mimic the powers of Arthur Curry. It is your job as a hunter in a submarine to defeat the beasts of the ocean and reclaim it for all of humanity.

Odd changes have been made to the aquatic life in the world of Earth Atlantis, with machinery making home under the surface. Because of this, monster and machine have become one and swim around the oceans looking for soft humans to prey on. Track down these dangerous beasts and take them down, along with their horrible hybrid bosses.

Earth Atlantis offers two game modes to choose from: Quest and Hunter mode. There are four different submarines you can choose for warfare against the new monsters of the deep. Each submarine will have a variety in weapons and strategy, giving players some room for personal preference of tactics. Pick wisely and discover the secrets in this new sunken side-scrolling world.

Earth Atlantis is set to dive onto PS4 and Xbox One Platforms on June 1, 2018. Want to see this title in action and the unique style of animation? Then check out the most recent gameplay video.