Subnautica Below Zero: Lead Location - Where To Find Lead Ore?

May 23, 2021

Finding resources like lead in Subnautica: Below Zero is very important for advancing in the game. Lead has screening properties against radiation, hence it can be used to craft Reactor Rods and building Sea Trucks.

But as a beginner, it’s a cumbersome task to explore the vast maps in the hunt of lead ores. This is why I have created this Subnautica: Below Zero lead location guide which will help you collect huge reserves of lead quickly.

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How to spot lead in Subnautica: Below Zero?

To find lead you should check the small, breakable rock nodes that look like a dark and flinty version of coal.

Galena Outcrops

On chipping these rocks, you have a 50% chance to get a piece of Lead. You can also try to scan the rock nodes to know which mineral it holds inside. But it takes some to do that so you might as well just crack it open and check.

Where to find lead in Subnautica: Below Zero?


Lead can be easily mined from Galena Outcrops that grow in several different biomes. The outcrop is basically a harvesting node that has 50-50 chances of yielding lead or titanium. The biomes which contain Galena Outcrops are:

  • Twisty Bridges
  • Shallow Twisty Bridges
  • Crystal Caves
    • Main Crystal Caves
  • East Arctic
  • Glacial Connection
  • Lilypad Islands
    • Main Lilypad Islands
  • Thermal Spires
    • Thermal Spires Caves

If you have already visit Sanctuary Zero, you might be able to get lead as a gift from the Sea Monkeys.

Tip: You can get the Sea Monkeys to bring you materials for any recipe if you pin the blueprint recipe in the PDA by clicking it. So to obtain lead in Subnautica: Below Zero just pin a recipe that requires lead.

I recommend using the sea glider to look around for lead ores but any other vehicle will also do the job. Make sure that you carry a metal detector since lead is a metal so it will guide you towards them. The metal detector has a 30-meter range so it will make the hunt easier.

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