Subnautica Below Zero Release Time - PlayStation, Xbox, Switch (US & UK)

There's not long left until the Subnautica sequel releases for consoles!

Having already released in early access for PC back in 2019, Subnautica Below Zero is finally getting a full release for PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. The release time may vary depending on what platform you plan on purchasing Subnautica Below Zero on, so DualShockers have got all the release times listed in this article.

Players will be familiar with a lot of the mechanics in Subnautica Below Zero if they’ve already played its predecessor. But this time you can expect more areas to explore with more structures above ground and underwater, as well as a new gameplay mechanics such as a day and night cycle, dynamic weather, and new gadgets.

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Subnautica: Below Zero – Official Trailer | PS5, PS4

Subnautica: Below Zero – Official Trailer | PS5, PS4

Subnautica Below Zero Release Time & Date

Subnautica Below Zero will launch on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch on Friday, May 14, 2021.

The upcoming title is available for pre-order right now on all platforms.

For those looking to get the game on PC, it’s available right now on Steam and the Epic Games Store.

Xbox One & Xbox Series X|S

According to the official Microsoft Store page for Subnautica Below Zero, the game will release at midnight in your region on May 14.

00:00 BST | 00:00 PT | 00:00 ET

PlayStation 4 & 5

Thankfully the same thing goes for PlayStation 4 and 5 users, the upcoming title will release at midnight within your specific region on May 14.

00:00 BST | 00:00 PT | 00:00 ET

Nintendo Switch

Unfortunately for those picking up Subnautica Below Zero on the Switch, it’s a little tricky.

The official Nintendo Support page states that new games are available at the following times.

2PM GMT | 3PM CET | 7AM PT | 10AM ET

However, third party titles do not necessarily unlock at the above times. Subnautica Below Zero may also launch at midnight for Nintendo Switch, but could also unlock at the aforementioned times.

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