Subnautica Below Zero: Where To Find Spiral Plant Clippings?

Here is how to find Spiral Plant Clippings.

Since you have arrived at this article, I assume you are at a point where you need Spiral Plant Clippings in Subnautica: Below Zero to progress further in the story.

Spiral Plant Clippings are useful in crafting items that are necessary for survival such as diving suits and vehicle upgrades. This is why I have created this Spiral Plant guide to help you obtain this ingredient easily.

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Subnautica Below Zero – Cinematic Trailer

Subnautica Below Zero – Cinematic Trailer

How To Get Spiral Plant Clippings In Subnautica Below Zero?

Spiral Plant

To get Spiral Plant Clippings, first you will have to find a Spiral Plant first.

This plant looks like a tall bunch of thin white fibers interwoven to form a tubular structure with a funnel-shaped opening at the top. This tube-like plant is wrapped around by thin red leaves along the body, thus giving its name.

Spiral Plant Location

The Spiral Plant is a flora that can be found inside two biomes: Deep Purple Vents, and the Tree Spires (especially in the Ventgarden area).

Please note that this item cannot be picked up like other ingredients. To harvest the clippings, you will need a Survival Knife. So make sure you have this item beforehand. Swinging your knife at the plant will give you Spiral Plant Clippings in Subnautica: Below Zero.

Tip: Since Spiral Plant Clippings are difficult to find, use a beacon to mark the location where you found it first. You can also plant Spiral Plant Clippings in an Exterior Growbed to save you the trouble of hunting the ingredient again and again.

Uses Of Spiral Plant Clippings

In Subnautica: Below Zero, Spiral Plant Clippings are used for the creation of Synthetic Fiber. This fiber is useful for crafting two important items: Stillsuit and Reinforced Divesuit.

The Stillsuit helps in creating drinkable water for the player whereas the Reinforced Divesuit reduces the damage from attacks.

In addition to this, Synthetic Fiber is also used for upgradation of Seatruck and Prawn Suit.

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