Subnautica And Its Sequel Subnautica: Below Zero Are Coming to Switch Early 2021

Subnautica And Its Sequel Subnautica: Below Zero Are Coming to Switch Early 2021

The Subnautica series, an exploration, crafting masterpiece by Unknown Worlds Entertainment, is now coming to Nintendo Switch in early 2021.

Subnautica is definitely one of the best crafting, exploration games in recent history, and now it’s coming to Nintendo Switch.

If you never heard of Subnautica, it features a space traveler whose spaceship suddenly explodes and gets stranded on an uninhabited planet. The aquatic planet will be the new home, or the grave of our protagonist, who’ll need to sustain to their basic needs to survive and find a way back to space.

Subnautica with its survival mechanics and various difficulty levels can be both a great narrative experience and a thrilling adventure, where you’ll constantly make food and clear water reserves. You’ll start from a simple survival escape pod and can end up crafting your own, huge subnautical base. Multiple vehicles can be crafted as well, to help out with your exploration, as you go deeper and deeper in the sea. Finding out the planet’s secrets.

Subnautica is a pretty nice experience overall and I’m sure its astonishing sale numbers., 5 million copies so far, can vouch for that. It definitely deserves it.

Subnautica Switch Port Reveal Trailer

Subnautica first launched on PC. It’s important to note the previous console port of Subnautica, the PS4 one, initially suffered from a lot of bugs. It’s definitely harder to play such a inventory management heavy game without a keyboard and mouse too. Hopefully the Nintendo Switch version of Subnautica will be handled with care, and it’ll satisfy those who prefer portability over anything else. This is a great occasion if you’ve never tried out this masterpiece by Unknown Worlds Entertainment.

Lastly, the currently in-development sequel, Subnautica: Below Zero, will also be coming to Nintendo Switch. Both Subnautica games will launch on the Nintendo console in early 2021.