Madmind Studio Announces Agony Spin-Off Title Succubus with Gory Concept Gameplay Trailer

Succubus takes place in the world of Agony and there are lots of fleshy bits being ripped apart in this trailer.

Succubus is an upcoming title being worked on by Madmind Studio and is a spin-off from the studio’s previous title Agony.

In the horrific looking Succubus, you’ll take to Madmind Studio’s imagining of hell once again and with brutal combat and a storyline that puts players in control of the titular [Editors note: pun not intended~L.] demon protagonistFor those that played Agony they may recall learning about her story.

The story tells of the legitimate rulers of hell disappearing and Nimrod being recognized as the demons new ruler with Succubus being their queen. However, displeased with her life she opts to live in the wilderness where she meets Baphomet and his army, and together they plan to get Nimrod’s soul. Succubus begins to formulate her goal of getting revenge.

The game will feature an expandable skill tree as players gain weapons and armor that will affect their statistics. The world is hellish and filled with traps, enemies, and as you can imagine, lots of gore. Combat is performed using both weapons and pyrokinesis. There is a trailer that you can watch below, and similarly to Agony, there’s nudity throughout with a good deal of dismemberments taking place. It also features a fair amount concept gameplay.

Madmind Studio recently announced Paranoid back in November, another creepy looking title from the studio. Agony had to be stripped back in order to be accepted on PC, Xbox One, and PS4, and as such the studio planned to release a PC patch to remove the censorship. However, the patch was canceled due to legal issues which led to Madmind putting an uncensored video out showing the content that was removedAgony Unrated was due to launch but was canceled at some point, however, it is currently available on Steam as both Agony and Agony Unrated.

Succubus will be arriving on PC but no release date has been announced as of yet. The Steam page will be similar to Agony Unrated in that it will be adult’s only. Feel free to check out the NSFW official concept gameplay trailer below:

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